Care Packages From Home

Susan McClure

Our Care Packages are the perfect gift for students, business associates, friends & family you’d like to reach wherever they are.
Order online to buy and ship special gifts for all occasions to people who will feel the love and attention our packages carry into their hearts. I was inspired to create my company when my daughter left for college. I went online to purchase a care package to send to her and only found junk food and snacks in a cardboard box. I began designing my care packages with her in mind and wanted to be sure each included thoughts and love from home. The company has evolved to include specialty gifts for all occasions. We put the same amount of thought and love into all our creations. Our logo includes ‘PS: I Love You!’ to express how much we enjoy sending a gift on your behalf and to be sure the recipient feels the love when it is received. Our mission is to ensure that every care package we create is personally tailored to suit every special occasion. Our packages include the same amount of love without the stress of creating one yourself. We strive to design, assemble, and ship customized and personalized care packages with caring thoughts from home or office. Transform your thoughtful message into a timeless gift because every occasion deserves ‘Care Packages From Home’.

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